Full-length Plays

Full-length Plays

Four Chambers

 Finalist: O’Neill National Playwrights ConferenceThe LarkWordBRIDGE;

Semi‐finalist: Ashland New Play Festival, PlayPenn.


There’s no one way to grieve and Mari is determined to carve her own path. After her husband Daniel dies in a domestic terrorist incident, Mari plays cards with Daniel’s ghost, smokes pot, and shocks her fellow support groupies whenever possible. Mari refuses to let go of Daniel but her compartmentalized life starts to fray at the edges. What is the cost of holding on? Of letting go? 


Finalist: Bridge Initiative

Semi-finalist: Princess Grace Playwriting Fellowship

Jewish Plays Project.


​MOTHERLAND is a generational family drama that follows Lizzie, who, after being away for several years following her father's death, returns home to recoup from a nervous breakdown. Lizzie believes she will be getting some R&R, but instead her aging Russian grandmother is anxious to share memories and asks Lizzie to help her “remember.” Meanwhile, her mother has struck up a friendship with Lizzie's former high school boyfriend, who moved back home as he deals with a divorce. Caught between her family's past and her uncertain future, Lizzie discovers secrets about her mother and grandmother, which force her to turn the mirror on herself.


Semi-Finalist: PlayPenn. 


Will is in love with Lily. Lily is in love with Will. But when he takes her home to “meet the parents,” their romance is thrust against the backdrop of family dysfunction. Love takes an unexpected turn down a dangerous path that challenges the very nature of love, family, and the concept of home. Can love survive? And where is that place that we can truly call home?



Building The Perfect Chair

Finalist: TRU Voices


Creative and romantic partners Connie and Theo are trying to start a design revolution and follow in the footsteps of their artistic muses, Charles and Ray Eames. When they move to New York after winning an award, they want to hit the ground running. But when old romantic entanglements and newly surfaced artistic differences get in the way, they will have to confront what it means to build a perfect chair—or relationship. What sacrifices must they make to make either or both possible?

everything changes

When Ana Maria’s family party planning shop is sold to Madison, a former Hollywood interior designer with plans to turn it into a vintage furniture store, Ana Maria confronts her in an effort to salvage her family’s legacy. But Madison, desperate to make a fresh start, has other plans. Can these very different women--one looking to escape the past and the other trying to hold onto it--find a way to connect? How do we both honor the past and move forward when everything changes?

Short Plays

Tattoo You

When two women meet in the bathroom at their 20th high school reunion, their troubled past breaks the cool veneer of the present. Some scars don’t fade away. Winner of the National Ten Minute Play Award, The Kennedy Center American College Theater FestivalWinner of the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival.


Home is A Four-Letter Word

When Madison returns "home" to an empty luxury apartment from a business trip and learns that no one's showing up for her birthday party, she must deal with Carmelita who is looking to collect for money for her food delivery order. This play is about connection, disconnection and what "home' really means when two women on the opposite ends of the economic spectrum are faced with each other's humanity. Produced at Chalk Rep's FLASH Festival, October 2015

Asshole - Solo Performance

Meet Lena. She may have a great ass but she can't hide behind it forever. When her personal taboo rears its ugly head, Lena must go on an unexpected journey as she confronts the unimaginable, seeking self-acceptance and inner strength along the way. Developed at the Playwrights Union Festival of New Work. World Premiered at Collaboraction's Sketchbook Festival, Chicago - May 2014. 

Orangutan & Lulu

Orangutan and Lulu may have been together for two weeks, two years, or two decades. Along the journey of couple-hood, they must navigate intimacy and spatial relations to arrive at a place called happiness. Where will they land?  Produced as part of the Estrogenius Festival/NYC

Drinks Before Flight

When former college “friends with benefits” reunite years later at an airport bar, the past melts into the present like ice cubes in a cocktail glass. Produced at The Boston Theatre Marathon.

the girls

The fraying friendship of two young girls is played out at the neighborhood coffee shop. It is a subtle tug-of-war between their shifting identities as each struggles to find her place in the world. Can their friendshp survive? Produced as part of the Boston Theatre Marathon.

Penelope's Roses

When an ill-fated young couple hits the road to escape the dim prospects of their present life, their tenuous relationship grows frayed. Can they escape the dirt of the past?​ Is there hope for their future? 

2015 Finalist, Heideman Award, Actors Theatre of Louiville